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Our premium event planning course is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Along with 12 sections of lessons, over 27 business templates, engaging videos and group support from us, we make sure you are ready to succeed as an event planner, even if you have not been paid for an event yet.

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“The Event Planning Course helped me get four new clients by knowing exactly how to position myself. I didn’t have a lot of money to start and truly couldn’t believe it! I learned how to market my services in a way that my new clients paid me $23,850 in 3 months from the time I started! I highly recommend this course and learning from”

Lynn Roberts

Del Rey, FL

“I’ve always had an eye for events but did not know the business side. Getting clients was hard. I planned a few events for my family and friends but I knew I couldn’t keep doing that because I wasn’t getting paid. So I took this course and it really opened my eyes to how I should run my business! It’s been so helpful it’s amazing!”

Sandra Charston

Cleveland, OH

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How To Put On a Great Virtual Event

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Create Your Event Planner Website in 10 Minutes

Create Your Event Planner Website in 10 Minutes

Common questions we get are: Do you need a website for your business? What type of pages do you need on your site? How do you even make a website? I will compile all the resources you need to make your site in this post. A website absolutely helps you get more...

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How to Get an Event Planning Internship

How to Get an Event Planning Internship

  Understand Your Options Growing up, whenever I pictured a professional in the events industry, I thought of Jennifer Lopez, scurrying around, trying to bring Matthew McConaughey’s wedding to life (without falling in love first!). Because the events world is...

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Getting a Job as an Event Planner (Your First Steps)

Getting a Job as an Event Planner (Your First Steps)

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How To Start Event Planning With No Money

How To Start Event Planning With No Money

Contrary to popular belief, starting event planning with no money is very possible. Most people overestimate the need to have money when starting and we will tell you how to do it in this article. Event planning is an exciting path that can be incredibly profitable...

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