Event Planning Courses

Become an Event Planner Course

This is our most popular course with over 26,000 successful students. You will learn everything needed to begin and grow as an event planner.


Here’s what’s included:

  • Detailed steps on how to begin your planning business or start your career in planning.
  • How to get your first paying clients in a consistent way.
  • How to price your services.
  • How to market yourself and your business.
  • Descriptions of the typical day of event and wedding planners.
  • How to build strong vendor relationships and get referrals.
  • Managing your office, employees, invoicing and logistics.
  • Many bonuses including sample contracts and proposals.
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CEP Certification Program

This advanced course is for planners who are ready to become certified as a CEP (Certified Event Professional). This certification is great for both event & wedding professionals.


Here’s what’s included:

  • Video and text lessons, real world projects to complete, and a certificate mailed to you upon completion.
  • Self paced lessons about running your event planning business.
  • How to market yourself and your business.
  • How to create beautiful proposals that close clients fast.
  • How to price your services to maximize your profit.
  • Feedback on your submitted assignments from experienced planners.
  • Access to our professional event planners to ask questions anytime you have them.
  • Plus much more.
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$197 Only (normal price $395)

100% Refund Guaranteed on All Courses



“The CEP Program helped me go from $0 to $23,850 in 4 months by getting two new, big clients and knowing exactly how position myself. I highly recommend this course” -Lynn Roberts




“I planned a few events for my family but I knew I couldn’t keep doing that because I wasn’t getting paid. So I joined the “Private Group” and took the “Become a Planner” course. OMG, the private group really opened my eyes to how I should run my business! It’s been so helpful it’s amazing! I’m still in it and loving it.” -Sandra Charston



“I hesitated joining the Become a Planner Course for 3 months because I wasn’t sure I had enough time with a part-time job and baby at home. Joining has been the best decision ever! I just wish I joined sooner. The material is highly recommended – you won’t regret it.” -Karen McLeven

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