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Lounges and Nightclubs

When looking to hold an event at a unique location you should consider booking tables at a lounge or nightclub.  When a large event requires some sort of dinner or meal a banquet hall is the ideal location, but when your party does need to serve its guests dinner a lounge or nightclub can be a fantastic alternative.

Lounges and nightclubs offer a special kind of atmosphere for your event.  Instead of using a drab banquet hall you can hold your event at the posh new lounge downtown, showing your guests a great time in the process.  Also, lunges and nightclubs work great if you were planning on hiring a bartender for your event anyways.   Might as well just hold the party at a location where there are professional bartenders.

Much like a restaurant, lounges and nightclubs may have special rooms dedicated to large parties.  Using one of these rooms will allow you and your group to stay segregated from the rest of the nightclub when it starts to get really packed in the middle of the night, making it easier for your guests to mingle and socialize with each other.  Most lounges and nightclubs will also offer bottle service where they bring bottles of alcohol right to your table and you get to mix your drink.  This allows your guests to not have to stand in line at the bar and fight through the crowds for the evening.

Lounges and nightclubs are the perfect spot to hold a small event where you know there will be drinking and you want to offer a fun night out on the town for your guests.

It's free to try. We hope you do.

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