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When holding a small event over the course of a few hours a restaurant is a viable option.  Many restaurants have a special room that they use when large parties wish to hold some kind of event at their location.  Graduation dinners, birthday parties and even office parties are great events that can be held at a restaurant.  Similar in style to a banquet hall event, restaurants are used when there will be a smaller number of people at your party.

The best part of booking your party at a restaurant instead of a banquet hall or hotel is that you do not have to worry about hiring a caterer as well.  Many restaurants will even have a special menu for large parties making it easier on their kitchen staff to handle the large number of people ordering food at once.

Certain restaurants offer elegant dining settings that you can you not replicate with other event venues.  Coupled with the nice selection of food and wine a restaurant is one of your better chances to pull off an extravagant evening for your specific event.

When choosing a restaurant for you event location you will want to consider the location in respect to where most of your guests will be traveling from.  While the best restaurant may be on one side of town, if most of your guests are coming from the other you might want to make it convenient for them and choose a location closer to them.  If your guests have a difficult time making your event they will already be reflecting on it in a negative light.

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