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Private Chefs

When your major event calls for a classier meal, you will want to hire a chef instead of a caterer.  Caterers are best when you can set up a buffet style meal and let people eat whenever they feel like it.  Chefs come in handy when your event requires a sit down meal with several courses.  Honorary dinners and weddings are great examples of events where you would need to hire a chef instead of a caterer.

Choosing the best chef can be a lot trickier than hiring a caterer simply because when you select the location of your event that venue will often have its own chef that you will have to hire for your meal.  This can become a problem when the type of food that is served is as important as the type of venue, since there are just not as many quality chefs in the world.  You may find yourself searching for the best location a lot longer when needing a quality chef at your large event.

If your event requires a fine dining element you will need to research the area chefs that are associated with large event venues.  Many of the nicer hotels in your area will have adequate event space to go along with award winning chefs.  When planning a large event with a multiple course meal booking a local hotel location may be your best option.

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