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Creating a fabulous corporate party that will keep your guests raving requires planning and resourceful use of vendors and products.

Many companies are turning towards corporate parties to network and build customer relationships. According to this study the meeting industry contributes an astounding $106 billion to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

With the influx of corporate events, the potential for increased income is available if planners implement the elements listed below:


Fundraising Consultant and Special Event Planner, James P. Reber recommends having a clear purpose and vision for your event.

Clearly define the goals and objectives for the event you are planning by thoroughly consulting with your client. Be sure to keep notes about all conversations with vendors and with your client so you can refer back to them if needed.


Formulate a budget based on client’s wishes and basic necessities of the event. Take into consideration every detail, as described by Jo Egan in this article.

Some examples would be:

  • Promotional and marketing expenses
  • Venue rental
  • Security, if required
  • Catering and liquor
  • Printing costs for any flyers, name tags, booklets, etc
  • Payment to speakers or special guests and possibly their travel expenses
  • Table décor, such as centerpieces
  • Entertainment payments or payments to other third party vendors, such as a photographer
  • Event insurance, if required


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When choosing the perfect venue, consider the size and location.

Make sure that the venue is easily accessible to guests and that there will be enough room to accommodate all attendees in a comfortable fashion.

Think about the possibility of inclement weather for outdoor venues and secure an alternate location.


A strict timeline of events must be created and given to all vendors. By following the schedule, you will be ensured that the party will flow smoothly.

Items to list on your timeline:

  • Venue set-up (décor, vendor arrival time, etc)
  • Guest arrival
  • Cocktail and dinner serving times
  • Speakers or presentation times
  • Closing ceremonies
  • Clean-up
  • Any other details that are unique to each event


With the vision expressed by your client, you can develop the perfect theme for their event.

Use your client’s ideas and do a search on Pinterest and other online sites for sophisticated tablescapes and color combinations that will fit their theme.

Give the party guests an experience to remember by adding special touches and details that will stand out in their minds for years to come.


When planning a corporate party never skimp on the food. Allow enough room in the event budget to provide quality food that has a nice presentation when served.

This event planning article suggests that if your party includes a dinner, offer a variety of options to red meat, such as chicken, seafood and vegetarian meals.

Even if your event is only serving hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, be sure to have plenty of options available for the individual tastes of the guests.


Entertainment can make or break an event. Ensure that the music you choose compliments the theme of the party. Determine if a live band or a DJ is preferred from your client and be sure to listen to a sample of their performance before hiring them.

If it is within the event budget and scope of the party, additional vendors such as photographers or caricature artists may be appropriate and will add fun and pizzazz to the event. Guests will also have something tangible to take home as a keepsake.


By paying attention to minor details, you will create a memorable event that will be the talk of the town. Utilize reputable vendors, online resources and referrals to ensure that the party is a success.

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