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So your big wedding day is coming up, and the planning has begun.

The goal is always to make it one of the best days of your life with as little stress as possible. Afterall, you still have to remember to say “I do” at the altar!

So how can we ensure that you or a bride you’re helping has a perfectly stress-free day?

Hire a ‘Day-of Coordinator’.

This way you do not have to worry about any issues coming up nor finding answers to important questions – the day-of coordinator’s job is to take care of everything so your mind can be at ease.

What is a ‘Day-of Coordinator?’

A ‘Day-of Wedding Coordinator’ (or DOC) will run around ensuring that everything is going smoothly and according to plan for you ALL DAY LONG.

Their sole purpose is to understand precisely what it is that you had in mind for your ideal day and tailor a timeline to fit your vision.

Mainly in charge of scheduling, this person will be a godsend by acting as the middleman for all activities throughout the day. They will spend their time doing all of the rushing around that no-one else wants to do, making sure that you are relaxed and happy.

They will meet with you before the wedding, attend your rehearsal and will get to know who your people are, guests, vendors, etc.

The Day-of Coordinator will understand your venue, collaborating their requirements with your needs and conduct all communications with the venue managers during the wedding day itself.

Now you might be thinking – “That’s OK; I already have a Venue Coordinator!”

Oops! What is that you say? A Venue Coordinator?

Do not be alarmed; you are not the first (and probably not the last) to get this a little mix up confused! But it is important that the confusion is cleared up, quickly.


When you selected your venue you may have been informed that along with the venue you get to use a venue coordinator that they provide. Maybe you thought ‘oh, how nice!’. But an important thing to understand is that a “venue coordinator” does not coordinate your wedding.

Although, a venue coordinator organizes the venue and manages everything that goes with it i.e. the kitchen and anything venue related – this person does not have the answers to all of your questions regarding the day’s wedding activities, guests, vendors or anything related to the uniqueness of your wedding.

A venue coordinator only knows venue-specific items like where the electric outlets are, what types of seating arrangements are possible, do they have an extra table you can use, which way is the parking lot, etc.

A lot of brides and new planners make the mistake of taking the package that includes a venue coordinator and then sadly, realize that they had this confused with an individual who runs the whole shebang.

And then, there is chaos!

Because who will coordinate and check on all of those tedious little details that make the day perfect? Who will press the button on the playlist, for the right song to play at the exact right moment?

The venue coordinator certainly does not need any more responsibility than the job that he or she already has with regards to the entire operation of the venue.

The venue coordinator only has an obligation to the entity that employs them – THE VENUE.

What should you do?

Not all is lost! There is someone out there who is willing to help and has a keen eye for the little, yet critical details that make your day, yours!

A qualified Day-of Coordinator, who is assigned the position of the overall event, can handle many situations, think outside of the box and turn dreams into reality.

With a planner’s experience and knowledge, a day-of coordinator specializes in performance and knows what it takes to make the wedding day a memory worth treasuring. They are there for you throughout all of the planning and can reassure you that any little issue will be taken care of.

They will make sure the tables are in the right locations and with the right guests sitting in the correct places. Making sure that the DJ is on time, and the flowers are perfect; that the music is taken care of; that the vendors are properly positioned; and that the food is as you asked for. These are just a few of the responsibilities that are the main priorities for a day-of coordinator.

Hiring a professional to take the stress off of everyone (who should be enjoying or focusing on their own roles) is absolutely a smart move.

This is what a Day-of Coordinator is paid to do: WORK FOR YOU.

So, be sure to get it right!

The error that is frequently made is this:

Thinking or assuming that the venue coordinator is the same as the day-of coordinator – when the reality is that these people are two separate individuals with two equally large separate responsibilities and jobs!

After reading this article, be sure to grab the right person for the right job!

And if you opt to skip having a day-of coordinator, remember that you can ask your friends and family how things went on their big day – these people have done this before and their experience could be worth listening to!

You can avoid some simple mistakes by talking to others who have been through it.

Be wise and listen to the people with experience.


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