The weather is warming up. The days are starting to get longer. Flowers have begun to bloom. You know what that means: spring is upon us, which means that summer is almost here!

And along with summer comes all of those fabulous events ranging from weddings, barbecues, 4th of July parties, Labor Day parties… the list is endless!


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One of the key components to planning any beautiful summer soiree is having a lush floral arrangement. Flowers have the ability to brighten up any occasion and boast life and texture into any centerpiece. However, knowing exactly which combination of summer flowers–and how to arrange them–can be a bit of a challenge. Each year, trends and flowers tend to change–but certain flowers and styles do remain consistently stylish.

To get the latest tips on how to create stunning summer floral arrangements, we spoke with Co-Owner and Florist Shelby Nolan of Green Leaf Designs in Huntington Beach, CA. Shelby and her co-owner Erika Aspe, specialize in creating gorgeous floral arrangements for weddings and other events, including the U.S. Open of Surfing. Nolan shared with us some of her tips on designing the perfect summer floral arrangement.

“One of the most popular flowers used for summer arrangements are dahilas,” explains Nolan. “One of my top favorite kinds of dahilas is the caffe dahila. It’s just so big, fluffy, creamy and peachy! I also love to incorporate wild flowers into my designs create the feel of summer fields. It’s simply beautiful.”

Although the most fashionable flowers do tend to change by year, there are a number of flowers that can be used for summer arrangements that are timeless. A few of these include scabiosa pods, garden roses, cattelya orchids, phalaenopsis orchids. In recent years, the incorporation of mixing silk flowers with fresh flowers has become a trend, but Nolan notes that there is a proper way to create this arrangement.

“I am not really a fan of mixing silks with fresh flowers,” says Nolan. “But on a really hot summer day I would be open to using silks tucked in deep to the floral design, with your fresh flowers out in front as the focal point.”

When showcasing your summer flowers, there a number of arrangements that can be used to reflect the season as well as shine a spotlight on the flowers. Nolan predicts that a few of this summer’s leading trends will include arrangements based around mason jars, and the use of old bottles with a single bloom set in them.

“I love the way that an old bottle with a single flower in it looks,” says Nolan. “Especially when the bottles are grouped together. For added texture, I wrap some twine around the bottle to really make it pop!”

To create a reflection of the summer season in your floral arrangements, Nolan recommends the use of summer sand.

“I love using aquarium sand to give the feel of the beach,” says Nolan. The sand helps separate the water, making the water look crystal clear. Be sure to add some bamboo with tropical flowers and you’ll get the feel of paradise!”

-Written by Sarah Osman. You can read more from Sarah on Twitter.