Mini Course Day 1

Thank you for registering for our 4-Day Mini Course. With the material you will learn over the next 4 days you can get a head start on starting your career as an event planner.

By carefully reading each day’s lessons you will be further ahead of most of your competition.

This information can be used to start your own business or land you a job as a planner at most companies.

Today we will cover what an Event Planners typical day looks like, the two main types of planners there are, and the six important skills it takes to be successful.

Typical Day of an Event Planner

An event planner will typically do the following:

  • Meet with clients to understand the purpose of the meeting or event
  • Plan the scope of the event, including time, location, program, and cost
  • Solicit bids from venues and service providers (for example, caterers or photographers)
  • Work with the client to choose where to hold the event and whom to contract for services
  • Inspect places to ensure they meet the client’s requirements
  • Coordinate event services such as rooms, transportation, and food service
  • Plan an amazing, creative experience that they bring to life for the client
  • Coordinate details with on-site staff
  • Monitor event activities to ensure the client and event attendees are satisfied
  • Review event bills and approve payment
  • Meet with client for a follow-up to examine best parts of the event and ask for referrals for future clients

There are Two Types of Planners

The reason it is important to know these two general categories is because we recommend when you start your career you choose one of these two areas to become an expert in and only spend your time getting clients for that category. After you become very good at that category of events and build your portfolio you can start to branch out to the other category of event planning. But if you try to start as a jack-of-all-trades you will spread yourself too thin. Clients want someone who really specializes in their event.

Corporate Planners: Corporate planning includes planning for companies, associations, charities and clubs.
Social Planners: Social planning includes weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, bar mitzvahs, holidays, etc.
If you are thinking of becoming an event planner, you probably know which of those two general categories apply to you. If you’re not sure you should figure out which appeals more to you first.

Skills Needed for Event Planning Success

As with all professions it is good to honestly assess what skills you are good at. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses as this list will come in handy later. Here are the main skills generally regarded as essential in the events industry:

  1. Organization: Proper organization of clients, meeting notes, ideas, tasks, responsibilities, people, vendors, venues and more are absolutely necessary to succeed.
  2. Time management: Similar to being organized but proper time management skills are another must because most events require many moving parts to function smoothly at the same time.
  3. Hard work: Planning events involves long hours and hard work. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and stretch your abilities.
  4. Problem solving: Clients rely on their planner to coordinate many vendors in one place. Sometimes things go wrong and it is the planner’s job to find solutions to unexpected problems.
  5. Communication skills: Planners are constantly communicating with clients and all types of people so you must be able to communicate clearly and comfortably.
  6. Style: It helps to stay on top of styles and décor that are in. Things like event décor, layouts, outfits, styles, etc play a big role in some events.

Do not let this list intimidate you. If you are great at some of these skills but mediocre at others that is ok. You just have to make sure that if you are weak in one of these areas, you continually study that area to improve yourself. Being great at some of those skills can make up for certain weaknesses. Be sure to check your email tomorrow for Day 2’s Lesson.  We will go over the 9 actionable things you can do today to get your career moving forward.

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      Get the facts, vision and budget. Biggest fact… number of invites and expected attendees. If they are inviting 100, realize that’s 200 people. Based on their invite list, attendance will vary from 10 to 50% of the invite list (more people show up to wedding events than social events). Vision… what type of party? Sit down dinner, buffet or passed appetizers? Is there a theme they want to decorate for? Dance, formal, meet and greet, etc. Then goto budget. The reason this is last is it allows you to encourage the event at your location (with potential alterations) that will work in their budget. If you get the budget before the client expresses their vision, you are much more likely to lose the event if they describe a gold event after giving you a bronze budget.

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