Most Expensive Bar Tab Racked Up at Liverpool Club “PlayGround” |

A hedge fund trader at the Liverpool nightclub PlayGround might have racked up the largest bar tab ever this past weekend.

How much you’re wondering? $323,483.

Helping the tab was the purchase of the word’s priciest bottle of champagne (a 30 litre double size bottle of Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac Midas) which runs about $200,000. Upon purchasing the bottle which was carried to the hedge fund trader’s table by the owner himself, the financier poured a glass for every guest at the club. He later ordered a round of shots for every female in attendance.

Although the trader, in his twenties according to several sources, came with an entourage of 10 friends, about 60 females mobbed his table and vied for his attention once he popped open the bottle of the world’s most expensive bubbly.

The Liverpool nightclub PlayGround where this took place is considered one of the hottest clubs in Liverpool. The club is owned by George Panayiotou from The Ability Group, who said, “We have performers, dancers and musicians in the venue. There’s a real sense of theatricality to PlayGround. We want our clientele to be astounded, and our aim is to get everyone saying ‘You’ll never believe what went on at PlayGround the other night'”.

Famous Liverpool fashion designer Kirsty Doyle created the staff uniforms; Justine Mills masterminded the membership process; and English model Alex Gerrard did the design work on the membership cards.