A bar is one of the focal points of a party so you want to have the following items stocked.

Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks
Beer selection – Have two regular domestic beers, one light domestic and one import or micro-brew.
Non Alcoholic Beer Selection – Sharp’s, O’Doul’s (optional)

Wine selection – Have both red and white wine. Blush is optional.

Hint: Think about the carpet before serving red wine.

Soda selection – Have cola, diet cola, sprite, soda water and regular water. Lemon and limes go well with these.

Full Basic Bar
Bourbon (optional)
Tequila (optional)
Liqueurs and Cordials (ie: Bailey’s, Amaretto) (optional)

Mixes – Tonic, Club Soda, Lemon Sour, Orange Juice, Lime Juice
Optional Mixes – Grapefruit Juice, Cranberry Juice, Bloody Mary Mix, Grenadine

Garnish – Lemons, Limes, Olives, Cherries

Essentials – Ice , Glassware, Napkins, Wine Opener, Pour Spouts, Stir Sticks, Bar Towels

Equipment – Portable Bar or Topped/Skirted Table with a small table for a back bar area,
Coolers for Ice and Chilled Product



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