Red Carpet Party Tips for Celebrities |

If you’re the star arriving to a red carpet event, we have ten very important tips for you…

  1. Be sure to stand in front of a bright light before you leave for the red carpet to be certain that your dress is not see-through! With all the flashes and lights, you could look naked in certain materials.
  2. If you’re not a big name, arrive early to the red carpet… once the big stars arrive, you will be forgotten.
  3. When you’re taking pictures, do some action shots, make some moves! No one likes posed shots of you just standing on the carpet.
  4. Don’t arrive in a limo, that’s so ’90s. Use an SUV truck, and make sure it’s black. No colors!
  5. If you’re a guy, arrive with a beautiful girl. It will get teh paparazzi more excited for a couples shot.
  6. Do not trip on the red carpet… those pictures and video will haunt you forever!! So hold on!
  7. Say “thank you” to the paparazzi after they take your picture. They are people too, and you wan them to remember you next time.
  8. Even if you don’t have an assistant, bring a friend and pretend! People with assistants look like a bigger deal!
  9. Don’t wear sunglasses on the carpet or inside. You will look ridiculous. Unless you’re JLo.
  10. This might be the only time you’re on the carpet, so whatever you do, don’t chicken out!

Per tip #4, Demi Moore arrives in SUV

(courtesy of Command PR)